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German Language Services was founded in 1990, principally to offer quality German language tuition to individuals and businesses with a connection with Germany. We are based in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, and offer German language tuition in South Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes; we also offer an on-line translation service from German into English.


May I introduce myself as the business owner and lead tutor/trainer...

My name is Pauline Wolfenden and I have a vast experience of teaching German. My interest in Germany, the country and its language, really started when I stayed for a short time with a pen-friend near Frankfurt when I was fifteen. Fired with enthusiasm I went on to study German at London University and the University of Tübingen, in Germany. This study was followed by a teaching qualification (PGCE) in modern languages at Goldsmiths College, London.


Although I have taught German in schools, I have specialised in teaching adults, and have taught German at all levels in Adult Education, where I have also been responsible for curriculum management, planning courses and supporting tutors. I have also provided training in several large international companies, where I have successfully taught German to employees at all levels, from those employed on the shop-floor to the managing director.


My philosophy is - language-learning is not always easy, but it can be enjoyable and fun! And it can enrich your life. It is not just a matter of  learning words – it also brings a new insight into the way of life and culture of others, a new way of looking at things, a better understanding of other countries, and it can also improve your understanding of English. With improved communication, the world can seem a smaller place and many of us now have more dealings with people who do not speak English as their mother tongue. We may deal with them directly whilst travelling abroad, phoning or receiving e-mails, or indirectly when surfing the Internet, visiting auction sites or looking for information, and even a basic knowledge of a language can make these dealings more enjoyable and enable you to avoid misunderstandings.

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