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German Language Services

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Does your company have a connection with Germany, either as a parent or subsidiary company? Or is there likely to be a connection in the future? Do your employees have contact with German-speakers on a day-to-day basis? Do they make business trips to a German-speaking country?

We have extensive experience of successfully teaching German to employees at all levels, from the Managing Director to the shop floor worker, and can offer German language training on your premises, either on a one-to-one basis or in a group situation, and at a time to suit you.

There are many reasons why it pays to learn the language of companies we do business with - it is not just to be able to conduct business in the foreign language; after all many foreign companies have English as their language for meetings.

  • being able to communicate in a customer's language (however modestly) commands greater respect, particularly since it is not expected of English speakers

      • learning a language opens the mind to other cultures and values, and can help prevent inadvertently causing offence

          • understanding a different culture gives insight into different ways of thinking

              • a business trip is going to be more enjoyable if you can understand what is going on around you, so employees are

                • more likely to create a positive impression

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